Italian National Soccer Team

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italy_national_teamWhat is your favorite national soccer team? Besides your country, I believe you have your own favorite national soccer team. As they are played in world league, there are some of favorite national soccer teams. Italian national soccer team is one of favorite soccer time which is guessed to win a world league. Some big soccer teams from Italy are believed able to compete in world qualification. In line with that, Italian national soccer team also becomes big power soccer team which usually listed on the top of world national soccer team. Here we are going to talk more about Italian national soccer team.

Italian national soccer team is Italian Football Federation (FIGC). This one team won many appreciations. Considered as one of the best national team in the world, this one team is one of many successful national teams with great history. As we know, Italian national soccer team won having won 4 titles. It happened in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. Besides that, this one team sometimes placed on second or third position in world league. As this team is growing well, Italian national soccer team is named with Azurri which comes from from the traditional color of Italian national teams and athletes representing Italy. Blue color which is used by Italian national team is coming from Azzurro Savoia (Savoy Blue), a traditional color of royal dynasty which unified Italy in 1861. This Azzuri team, have presented many prides which is able to make it has billion fans. This can be seen from the euphoria of many people when this one team is playing on the field.

Many prides and appreciations which ware got by Azzuri, cannot be separated from some great Italian players. To get those prides, there are many names which have big role in this team. As it is created from a long time, there are long listed names of Italian national soccer team. They are the heroes of Italy which must be appreciated.

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