Choosing Suitable Soccer Ball Sizes

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Black-white-Classic-FootballSoccer is one of famous sports which are played by the whole people in the world. I believe that everybody in the world knows this one sport. From young until adults like this one sport, this can be seen from euphoria of many people when they are watching soccer or playing soccer. As famous sport, it is simply important to create young generation to produce skilled players. In playing soccer, there is equipment that we need too. It is like the other sports, soccer is also played with a tool. Ball is equipment that we need when we are playing soccer. Ball is the most important thing that should be presented in soccer. So, presenting ball is what we need to do.

Soccer is played by varied ages. From young until adults are like to play this one sport. As it is played by varied ages, the ball that we need is also varied. Suited with the age of the player, choosing suitable soccer ball sizes is also important. Soccer ball sizes come in some of the official sizes. Here are some of the official sizes which usually used, size 5, size 4, size 3, size 2 and size 1. For the following sizes which are mentioned, they are having their specifications. For size 5 is used for international standard match ball. This one ball is used by all ages 12 or up. Usually this is ball which is used by adult player. Size 5 ball has 27-28 inches size with weight amount 14-16 ounces. Under size 5, there is size 4 which is used for players’ ages of 8 until 12. With size 25-26 inches and weight between 12-13 ounces, this ball is really suitable for teenager as well. For size 3, this one ball size is suitable ball for children under the age of 8. This smallest ball has 23-24 inches in circumference and weigh between 11-12 ounces. The last ball size that usually used is Size 2 and 1. This ball sizes are used for promotional soccer balls.

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